SDE3 provides chemical and process engineering, scale-up, detailed design and professional services for advanced biorefinery and next generation renewables worldwide.
Our engineering services are dedicated to moving biomass energy and conversion technologies from the laboratory into pilot, demonstration and full commercial rollout. Current biorefinery projects include next generation biodiesel from waste oils and fats up to 100% FFA; cellulosic ethanol from agricultural, forest and timber waste; and biogas from municipal green waste, food processing waste and byproduct streams from ethanol and biodiesel facilities.

With decades of experience in petrochemical, oleo-chemical and pulp & paper, we partner with project developers, industrial companies and renewable energy technology providers to create, scale-up and deploy new energy technologies and facilities serving the energy needs of the 21st century.

Our business is based on principles of client service, project and technology excellence, accountability and long term partnership. We support clients and partners across the entire life cycle of projects from feasibility study and due-diligence to full-service engineering, commissioning, owner’s representation and project management.

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SDE3 is a proud member of the Sacré-Davey family of companies. To learn more about Sacré-Davey Engineering please click here.