ImageBiorefinery & Next Generation Bioenergy Solutions At SDE3, we view biomass as a holding structure for a host of valuable products, including energy, fuels and chemicals. Extracting energy and products from biomass requires expertise in chemical engineering and process design. We design biorefineries utilizing thermochemical, biochemical and mechanical process technologies and techniques based on decades of work in petrochemical, oleo-chemical and biomass to energy projects.

In biofuels, we engage across a diverse portfolio of projects and technologies. For example, in cellulosic ethanol we are developing processes that extract bio-chemicals used for adhesives, coatings, lubricants and solvent from cellulosic biomass, while producing “cellulosic ethanol” from residual, fermentable sugars. In biodiesel, we are actively delivering production facilities capable of using low cost, high free fatty acid (100% FFA) feedstocks. Our solutions span the spectrum of biomass conversion, including: