Industrial Cogeneration for Bioheat & Power

While conventional power generation systems emit heat as a byproduct to electricity generation, cogeneration systems capture and use the heat stream as process energy inside industrial applications.  Our energy specialists deliver integrated heat and power systems that leverage waste biomass streams sourced from multiple channels including, feedstocks waste fractions, landfill waste, construction waste and residue from pulp & paper operations.

Systems designed by our engineers include:

  • Extraction & Condensing Turbines
  • Combined Cycle Power Generation
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Waste Gas Recovery
  • Bubbling Bed & Fluidized  Bed Boilers
  • Recovery Boilers

Our systems span 5 – 75 MW of electricity installed at industrial complexes across the US & Canada.  In tandem with heat and power generation,  SDE3 has extensive experience in plant utilities, substation and power distribution system design, closed loop, compression systems and chilling systems.