Next Generation Biofuels

Biofuels are liquid and gaseous derivatives from plant and animal materials. We have extensive experience in developing and scaling thermo and biochemical processes for advanced biofuels projects incorporating biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol, syngas and biogas. Biofuel projects are intimately tied to the economics of feedstock and processing. Utilizing waste and non-traditional feedstocks, our client s utilize lower cost feedstocks to realize competitive advantage and project longevity.


  • 200K – 300 MMGY biodiesel production
  • 100% free fatty acid (FFA) feedstock pretreatment
  • Glycerin upgrade and chemical conversion
  • Distillation and fractionation for biodiesel purification
  • Virgin oils, yellow grease, used cooking animal fats, brown grease and fatty acid distillate (PFAD) feedstocks
  • Brown grease rendering- dewatering, filtration and neutralization

Cellulosic Ethanol
Our chemical and process experience for the pulp & paper industry lends itself well to process design and scale-up for cellulosic ethanol. We have partnered with leading developers of cellulosic ethanol facilities to extract and process lignin, hemicellulose (C5) and cellulose (C6) products for industrial and fermentation applications.

Renewable, or “Green” Diesel
Renewable diesel is made from biomass processed under high heat and pressure with hydrogen to deliver a hydrocarbon mix suitable for refining into fuels chemically similar to diesel and other petroleum distillates. The process for creating renewable diesel does allows for a wider array for biomass feedstocks when compared to traditional transesterification-based biodiesel.

Syngas & Biomass to Liquid (BTL) Systems
Our team is actively assessing new process options for gasification, pyrolysis and plasma arc treatment of virgin and waste biomass. Our team supports pilot project development and investor due diligence for these rapidly developing options for conversion of municipal waste into petroleum fuel replacement.

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