Refining Biomass Chemical Extracts and Derivatives

As petroleum refineries deliver numerous products from crude oil and raw gas, biorefineries extract chemicals and byproduct streams from virgin and waste biomass. Today, a majority of biomass and biofuel projects are made viable by leveraging chemical and value-added byproduct streams previously untapped or simply wasted.

Capturing these extracts and derivatives efficiently and economically is the core of SDE3 chemical and process engineering services. Our team has created a variety of value-added process solutions for clients in biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol, forest and food waste industries.


  • Extraction and upgrade of high value fatty acids and lipids prior to the biodiesel process
  • Purification of glycerin to technical and USP grades, or conversion to propylene glycol
  • Fractionated distillation of biodiesel for cold flow improvement and multi-grade markets
  • Methanol recovery from biodiesel and glycerin

Cellulosic Ethanol

  • Extraction of high molecular weight lignin for chemical markets
  • Process derivates used as adhesives, polymers and fibers
  • Hemicellulose (C5) extracts for fermentation or food additive uses

Forest & Food Industry Waste

  • Conversion of fatty acids (to 100% FFA) for use as biodiesel feedstocks
  • Rendering trap grease, float grease and other waste products to usable biofuel feedstocks
  • Incubating, growing and extracting lipids, protein and carbohydrates from larvae, algae and other organic sources
  • Black liquor & tall oil refining for combustion or fatty acid upgrade

Please Contact us to explore options for biomass fractionation and conversion in more detail.